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Suspension lamp in black or matt gold lacquered metal, black or gold rubber cord. A solution that thanks to the totally unshielded E27 bulb can illuminate very large spaces, or that with the right effect, can only result as a purely decorative object. The arms in their different positions, oblique or vertical, take advantage of the available space as if it were a controlled, geometrically controlled explosion.

Q.P.? Hor

Q.P.? is a functional element which can be used as an applique or as flor-lamp. The applique is fixed to the wall with two invisible screws and it takes energy from an outlet or from an existent light-point. When you’re tired to see it attached to the wall, you can transform it into a lamp hanging it to the roof. Next to the two holes for the attachment, there is indeed another one hole from which you can pass the still cable of suspension.


C’est, 2019. Antonella Giannini – Flexible brass hose with the harmony of colors. Functionality and style. C’est includes the floor lamp, two kind of table lamp, wall lamp and the forefather, the suspension. In every different genres you will feel the same spaces balance.


A simple birdcage to be positioned anywhere, on the floor or hang on the ceiling. The metallic rusty effect iron structure gives it an industrial style and touch. Inside it, to enhance the beauty and the balance there is a silky hat (available in various shapes).