Goccia, 2013

The light has always been there in my life, my parents too, were part of it.

I love the light that warmly embraces me, with elegance, without being intrusive.

The shy, yet important lines of this catalogue, take inspiration from my childhood memories.

When I was little, I would ask my parent to take me to interior design shops here in Citta di Castello, and there I would fantasize a fairy tale world made of different types of furniture, sofas and lots of lamps.

Nature has always been in my heart and in my mind. It's a great inspiration and it can be found in this very catalogue in the form of brass and blown glass.

In the last catalogue, there are olive tree branches and oaks, parchment cloths and soft yarns that cover the innovative led lamps.

This is the world where the green of our Italian hearts, beats.

To those who live it, sweet emotions and lovely dreams.




Antonella e Philippe Starck, 2012





Marlow presentazione salone del mobile, 2015